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The Fibre-Storm Vented Golf Umbrella is one of the most tough, strong and durable golf umbrellas out there. It is comprises of our independent vent system together with our unique Fibre-Storm fibreglass frame so that you can be confident it will withstand the full force of the UK weather. Plus you get the slick push-button automatic open system for easy opening – or opt for a manual system if you prefer. So why is a vented branded umbrella so much better than a standard umbrella? The independent vent system allows wind to pass through the umbrella so it withstands even the strongest of winds. The vents ensure that the umbrella does not blow inside out or ‘catch’ in the wind pulling the user with it! This makes it one stable and strong umbrella. Our Fibre-Storm technology provides a full fibreglass frame, shaft and ribs making this umbrella storm-proof, extremely lightweight and long-lasting. As it is part of our exclusive range, this umbrella is supplied with a performance guarantee so you can rely on its quality and durability. If your brand is on a product, you want that product to last, perform and impress. Our FULL PERFORMANCE GUARANTEES give you complete reassurance and peace of mind, a promise from us to you of exceptional quality. This branded umbrella has 8 panels in your choice of colour(s) and can be customised with your logo and branding via screen-printing, although digital printing if available for more complicated designs. If you are looking for the ultimate of quality then why not check out our even more durable and deluxe version the Extendable Ribs Umbrella.

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